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Social Media – Why Your Business Needs It


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My First WordPress BlogPost

So here I am.
I’ve made the first step in my transition from Blogspot to WordPress. So far so good!
I even have an inkling of a thought that’s asking, why I didn’t do this sooner?
On first impressions, and of course I’m only talking about the free versions here, WordPress has certainly IMPRESSED.
In terms of choice of design, layout and functionality, I really am starting to articulate the words, “Why didn’t I do this sooner?”
In fact WordPress seems to offer so much more. It’s not just a one page blog. It has the capability of being a full website.
Now I’m sure there are shortcomings that I haven’t yet discovered, but I’ll tell you this – I’m going to have fun finding out.
And of course, to all my fellow small business owners – I’ll keep you ‘posted’, every step of the way.

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