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The Positive Nature of Social Media

When I think of social media and what it can do for us as individuals, business owners, long-lost friends and family members, students of life or any other characterization, it seems such a positive instrument in the development of society.

Aside from the usual handful of belligerent online bullies, social media, on the whole, encourages helpfulness, kindess, sharing and compassion for your fellow media socialite. I personally find this so refreshing, and one of the main reasons, why I developed such an interest in the subject. In everyday life, walking down the street, how often do you see the cliched young lad helping the old lady across the road? People have issues with personal space, we’re sceptical and cynical due to the current terror threats, we watch our backs while out on the streets and have a sense of having to be constantly aware of what we do or say, lest we be mistaken for someone with alterior motives.

Social media is bringing back the idea of helping your neighbour. If someone cries for help on the street corner, how many of us would walk past, purposefully not making eye contact? With online media, I’ve found, if I need help and ask for it, I’ve generally received kind advice, suggestions and handy tips. I love it.

Whether in personal life or in business, the unwritten code of ethics that comes with entering the world of social media, has generated an overall positive vibe – a pay it forward kind of scenario. An encouragment to ask for help, as well as offering help.

Perhaps this is a transitional phase we are going through as a society. Hopefully, it won’t be long before the good-natured interactions online, spill over into everyday life. Is it possible even? I don’t know, but the optimist in me, sure hopes so!


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